Newborn Baby Tracker 앱 리뷰

Can’t multitask

Good app for keeping track of feedings. Only downfall is you have to stay on the app in order for it to keep track of feeding time.

Too many ads

This app has way too many ads


Helpful for mother

Muy bueno

Está muy bueno el App, le falta q avise con una alarma las próximas tomas q uno programe

Loud ads make it useless

The app itself was pretty nice. But the loud video ads that constantly pop up make the app useless. Even if my phone is on vibrate, if I open the app, video ads play full blast. The first time I used this app for a nighttime feeding was when I realized how useless it is. It woke my sleeping husband and startled the baby. Deleting the app and installing the Medella app instead.

Good but too many ads

Too many ads but otherwise great. Simple to use

Worst app due to ads

Trying to open the app with ads coming in is ridiculous. Every time it opened one would come up. Doing that and handling a crying hungry baby isn’t the best. Wouldn’t recommend it!

Good app, could use a couple updates

In general, I love this app for its simplicity and it’s free. However, I would pay for an add free version of it because the ads are very long, frequent, & loud (& let’s face it, we are tracking BABY feedings and changings, which often happen in the middle of the night or when Baby is sleeping), but paying for an ad free version is not an option. Other suggested changes: -edit feeding and pumping times or add past entries -ability to track pumping both breasts at the same time -feeding amounts are currently limited by 5mL, & sometimes I wish I could specify the amount more accurately

So many ads...

Makes difficult to use at all with amount of adds that pop up. Especially frustrating when it’s middle of night.


Too many ads

Too many ads

Every time you open the app you have to click out of two game ads. Annoying.

Too many adds

To many adds

Lost all time data

I’m updating my review after using his app for a week. I just lost all of my time tracking data. All of my data shows it occurred at 12:00 am. This is a huge loss since I can no longer track patterns based on time of day. Also, I wish there was a function to change the time a bottle was given. If my husband gives a bottle, he doesn’t necessarily update the app. The ads greatly interfere with the app’s functionality. I’m now looking into other apps.

Would be a great app but...

The ads get in the way. Super simple - this app is just what it needs to be. I’d pay $.99 for this to get rid of the ads. The last thing you want to do while tracking feeding is wait for an x to show up and turn off a game ad.

I like it

I like the app. It’s easy to use. But wayyyyy too many ads.


The ads pop up and you have to wait to close them. It makes tracking feeding times really hard.

Needs more

Love the look and simplicity of it. Here are just a few things that I think it needs before I can give it a higher rating: 1. Sleep tracker!!!!!! 2. Edit and enter past entries. Sometimes I forget to start the feeding timer and it would be great to go back and manually enter the times. 3. Some kind of chart so I can see my baby's patterns or lack there of.

An excellent app! ⭐️

I can perfectly organize the time of feeding my baby boy. Also, know about how many times I change the diaper.

Good application. Missing one thing to be great

Essentially a simple to the point application. Very easy to use. Clear tabs for each of the essential baby activities. Missing one thing to track baby first days. Sleeping pattern and napping times and length and it would be the complete app for ever new parents!

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